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The Circular Europe Days at Dubai Expo: an overview through The ZeroNet’s perspective

The Circular Europe Days at Dubai Expo: an overview through The ZeroNet’s perspective

CIRCULÉIRE member participated at the Irish Pavilion during Dubai Expo Global Goals Week. Check the highlights.

January was an important month with CIRCULÉIRE being represented by its Industry Member TheZeroNet in an international event: the Circular Europe Days in Dubai. Paul McSweeney, The ZeroNet’s CEO, delivered a speech about “Scaling up circularity”, introducing his company and CIRCULÉIRE’s work to the audience, which demonstrated its interest by the Q&A directed largely to him.

“It was a brilliant opportunity to showcase our own work in developing and promoting the ZeroNet platform and we are extremely grateful to CIRCULÉIRE for giving us this great opportunity. The feedback and interest from many attendees have been universally positive”, said McSweeney.

The event took place on the 17th and 18th of January 2022 during the Dubai Expo Global Goals Week, which coincided with the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week. During the Circular Europe Days, the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform’s (EUCESP) Coordination Group members showed case the work done by their Leadership Groups.

“Meeting with many of the members of the ECESP was an extraordinary experience. Showcasing the array of circular initiatives taking place in many partner countries was a terrific opportunity to understand the circular landscape – and challenges – that exist in accelerating the move to a circular economy in Europe”, added the ZeroNet CEO.

Stepping into the global arena, the event showed Europe’s willingness to foster international cooperation. Five national European Pavilions —Ireland, Netherlands, Slovenia, Finland, and Poland —held high-level events on the opportunities and barriers to understanding successful European projects in the circular economy.

The Circular Europe Days was open with a welcome speech by Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President for the European Commission. In his welcome speech in a video message, Timmermans said: “We must find a way to prosper together. This is precisely what the European Green Deal is about. The transition to the circular economy is at the heart of the European Green Deal to reach climate neutrality by 2050.”

“Last year’s Circularity Gap Report showed that by doubling circularity we can shrink global greenhouse gas emissions by 39 per cent, and cut virgin resource use by 28 per cent in the next 10 years,” Timmermans added. “To get there, we need to profoundly change our production and consumption patterns and invest in the circular business models.”

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Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President for the European Commission, who delivered a welcome speech during the Circular Europe Days

In Summary…

  • This was an opportunity to network with many ECESP members: from the Netherlands, Slovenia, Norway, and Poland, for example.
  • It was possible to gain an understanding of the circular economy landscape in partner countries.
  • Explored synergies about how different partner projects could be leveraged in other EU nations.
  • There was a joint statement from the EU delegation to “reflect their commitment to continue working together to harness the power of the circular economy” (see the complete statement in the first picture of this article).

Did you miss out? No worries! We have you covered.

If you want to learn more about the Circular Europe Days during the Dubai Expo, you can watch some presentations in the ECESP Circular Economy’s YouTube Channel here and read the Holland Circular Hotspot press release here.

You can also check the findings of the Circularity Gap Report 2022, from Martijn Lopes Cardozo, Circle Economy CEO, presented at the Expo 2020 Dubai by clicking here.

About TheZeroNet

The ZeroNet is the world’s first cloud-based technology platform designed explicitly around the logistical requirements of the Circular Economy. This is arguably the most important sustainability movement in the world right now and one which is firmly linked to a zero-carbon, zero-waste, and resource-efficient future. 


CIRCULÉIRE is a public-private partnership co-created by Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) and three strategic partners: the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and EIT Climate-KIC. Together with industry partners CIRCULÉIRE aims to assist manufacturers and their supply chains to switch from linear to circular business models.

Read more about CIRCULÉIRE here.

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