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Our Approach

Using systems innovation to embed circularity in
Irish industry

CIRCULÉIRE is the first cross-sectoral industry-led innovation network dedicated to accelerating the net-zero carbon circular economy in Ireland. CIRCULÉIRE is a €4.5m public-private partnership co-created by Irish Manufacturing Research (Secretariat), and three Strategic Partners; the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and EIT Climate-KIC and 25 Founding Industry Members.

CIRCULÉIRE’s overarching objective between 2020-2022 is to source, test, finance, and scale, circular manufacturing systems, supply chains and circular business models to deliver significant reductions in both CO2 emissions and waste across our Industry Membership over the programmes’ lifespan.

How is CIRCULÉIRE different?
There are several key characteristics of the programme that will foster collaboration to drive the transition to a zero-carbon circular economy, namely:
1) Industry-Led: We are co-creating innovative circular solutions which solve real industry challenges – working with MNCs, SMEs and their supply-chains targeting Scope 1,2 & 3 carbon emissions.
2) Innovation Fund: We have a ring-fenced network innovation fund dedicated to funding large scale systems-level innovation.
3) Nexus Approach: We are exploring circular innovation opportunities across the raw materials, water, and energy nexus.
4) Systems Innovation: Systems thinking underpins CIRCULÉIRE’s theory of change and we believe that cross-sector collaboration is fundamental to accelerating the scale-up of circularity.
5) Circularity Testbed for Economy: CIRCULÉIRE will contribute to Ireland’s ambition to become a leader in circularity by using manufacturing as a role model for the transition across the entire economy.

Our Network

Unlocking cross-sectoral collaboration to scale circularity

Irish Manufacturing Research is the Secretariat of CIRCULÉIRE and we are proud to count as Strategic Partners, the Government of Ireland’s Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and EIT Climate-KIC, the largest European public-private partnership dedicated to climate innovation.

CIRCULÉIRE is an industry-led public-private partnership launching with 25 Founding Industry Members (MNCs and SMEs alike) who aim to become circular economy exemplars in Ireland. CIRCULÉIRE is also actively engaging and collaborating with all stakeholders from the wider Irish innovation ecosystem (e.g. government departments and agencies, academia, third sector and solution providers) through our Associate Membership model.

Our Strategic Partners 

DECC Partner Logo

The Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC) are leading the delivery the Government of Ireland’s National Climate Action Plan (2019) and the Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy (2020-2025). In November 2022, DECC announced €1.5m continutation funding for CIRCULÉIRE in 2023.

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Green Enterprise is the EPA fund for circular economy in Ireland

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lead the National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP), a Government of Ireland initiative, which supports national-level, strategic programmes to prevent waste and drive the circular economy in Ireland.

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EIT Climate-KIC Logo

EIT Climate-KIC is the largest public-private partnership in the EU dedicated to accelerating the transition to a zero-carbon, climate-resilient society, supported by the European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT).

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Our Team


Maurice O’Connell


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David McCormack

Director of Sustainable Manufacturing

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Dr Geraldine Brennan

Senior Circular Economy Programme Manager


Romain Couture

Circular Economy Researcher

Dr Damian Coughlan

Circular Economy Researcher

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Giovanni Impoco

Circular Economy Researcher

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Geraldine Ann Cusack

Sustainable Manufacturing Project Manager


Ana Santos

Water Research Engineer


Ajith Variam

Energy Research Engineer