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CE Toolkits

CE Toolkits

Demystifying circularity

Capacity building tools to support industry’s transition to circular business models

Circular Economy Infographic

Circular economy aims to re-design consumption and production systems to transform structural waste into innovation opportunities that keep materials, components, and products in-use in the economy. CIRCULÉIRE has developed an interactive infographic to help businesses to gain greater understanding of what the circular economy means for their sector and bring circular economy possibilities to life.

Key benefits of the sectoral infographic include:
• Insight into the range of circular strategies which can be applied at key business touchpoints across a product’s life cycle;
• Real-life examples/case studies of how circular economy is being implemented in different sectors;
• Overview of key enablers of circularity – from policy drivers to advanced technologies, innovation, collaboration, and financing.

* Inspired by work of Professor Fenna Blomsma et al.

Like what you saw in the taster version of the CE Infographic (above)? Reach out to get access to the multi-sector framework – which includes sector specific frameworks for Construction & Built Environment; Electronics; Food & Drinks; Textiles & Fashion with further sectoral frameworks under development during 2022.

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Circular Maturity Model

CIRCULÉIRE’s Circular Maturity Model (CMM) is an online self-assessment toolkit which has been designed to support organisations to take stock of their current maturity and readiness to embrace circular business models. This simple but powerful online tool enables organisations to reflect on the key capabilities (from Strategy, Culture, Collaboration, Innovation to Business Models, Design & Manufacturing, Product Life Extension, Digitalisation and Targets/KPIs) required to implement circularity and provides recommendations regarding how to improve circular economy performance.

Key benefits of the CMM tool are:
• Stimulate a dialogue around what circularity means for your business.
• Understand Circular Economy Capabilities
• Establish (Annual) Circular Maturity Baseline & Benchmark Circularity Performance
• Gain recommendations to improve Circular Economy Performance
• Visual Reporting Tool – representing your current and targeted circularity levels
• Easy to Use Online Tool – functionality for both individual and multi-user assessments and c. 90 minute investment to complete assessment.

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Circularity Action Plan

Are you wondering how to identify opportunities within your production processes and your supply-chain to deliver cost reductions and value creation opportunities? CIRCULÉIRE have developed an in-depth circular economy assessment and action plan process for business.

Over a 12–16 week period, through a range of on-site visits, workshops and 1-2-1 interviews with key stakeholders from across your business, the CIRCULÉIRE team can take you on journey to:

• Create a baseline of current impacts (across materials, water and energy);
• Take stock of where circular strategies are already being implemented;
• Visualise how resources (materials, water, and energy) are used in your value chain(s) & identifying where structural waste is occurring;
• Develop a register of circular oriented innovation opportunities to reduce costs, improve supply-chain resilience and create new value propositions;
• Design a circular economy action plan with short-term, medium-term, and longer-term circular opportunities and goals to enable tracking of circular economy performance.

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