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CIRCULÉIRE partners with Dublin City Council as part of Local Enterprise Week March 4th -8th 2024.

CIRCULÉIRE partners with Dublin City Council as part of Local Enterprise Week March 4th -8th 2024.

Dublin 5th March – Guinness Enterprise Centre.

CIRCULÉIRE this week partnered with Dublin City Council Economic Development office at the So Circular event designed to shine a light on the Circular and Social economy as part of Local Enterprise Week.

This fun and lively gathering of over 100 delegates highlighted CE trends and updates and showcased real examples from circular economy enterprises who shared their insights and experiences. Geraldine Brennan described how to get back to basics regarding CE, demystifying the challenges and opportunities and hosted a panel with five entrepreneurs at different stages of their CIRCULAR journeys.

  • Colette Van Jaarsveld – Founding Executive Director  Arcology System is a pioneer in the field of sustainable interior construction. Arcology System is a circular kit-of-parts approach to interior construction that uses lightweight, post-consumer recycled aluminium profiles to create a “smart grid” that can integrate various interior components (doors, walls, ceilings, lighting), allowing for easy adaptability and upgradability of the space.
  • Well Spent Grain – Award Winning Dublin-based Irish start-up founded by Sunkyung Choi and Patrick Nagle in March 2022. Well Spent Grain collect Brewers Spent Grain, ( by product of the brewers process ) upcycle it and create tasty snack bites – aptly named Born Again Snacks. Just last week Listed by Spark Crowdfunding in the top100 Most ambitious companies in Ireland. Read Case Study CIRCULÉIRE (circuleire.ie)
  • Mary Fleming – CEO Change Clothes Crumlin •Change Clothes Dublin works to tackle clothing waste, provide reuse solutions for clothes at all lifecycle stages and build a creative community of clothes swappers, borrowers, up-cyclers and menders.
  • Brian Kellard –  Commercial Manager of WALK and The Green Kitchen & Garden Shop. This is a social enterprise that partners with WALK, a charity that provides education, training and employment opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities, autism and other barriers to employment.
  • Paul Mc Quaid – Founder The Good Bike project. Paul is a former competitive and international cyclist who established this venture which refurbishes bikes and supply them to refugees in need. Paul has been constantly scaling his business from providing bikes to front line workers during Covid to donating over 2,000 upcycled to Ukrainian families in Ireland. Paul has developed his business model through the rental market and leveraging the partnerships nationwide e.g.: via national men’s shed networks for wider distribution

Interesting Insights emerged from delegates who stressed the importance of collaboration, and awareness generation as well as funding and regulation as key enablers to scale Circular Economy businesses.

CIRCULÉIRE is a private public network funded by the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications with over 50 Industry members who are dedicated to closing the ” Circular innovation gap” in Ireland. In line with its mission to support Irish Industry to capture Circular advantage through knowledge share and best practice. CIRCULÉIRE Circular Venture Programme 2024 opening soon. Check out the the profiles from our 21 Alumni Ventures

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