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A warm welcome to CIRCULÉIRE’s Newest Member: Rebox

A warm welcome to CIRCULÉIRE’s Newest Member: Rebox

Rebox collects reusable cardboard all over Ireland and the U.K.

CIRCULÉIRE is delighted to welcome our newest member to the network: Rebox. The company collects reusable cardboard mainly sourced from waste and recycling companies, or directly from Food and Beverage producers or the Pharmaceutical sector (for example Diageo, Glenpatrick Water and Baxter Pharmaceuticals).

Hear from Michael O’Doherty, from Rebox, about the benefits of reusing cardboard packaging and why they joined the network:

“Recycling tends to lead to exporting of resources whilst reuse creates local supply-chains which keep resources and economic value in the Irish economy. Re-box enables reuse by providing SMEs with cardboard packaging which is no longer utilised by larger entities- reducing costs, reducing environmental waste, and creating local supply-chains in the process”.

Rebox collect reusable cardboard all over Ireland and the U.K.

“We joined CIRCULÉIRE because it is important to get the message out that there is a world of difference between recycling something or reusing it. We tell our clients that ‘Reuse takes recycling to the next level’ and helps them to take their next step on their carbon reduction journey”.

Watch below “The Story of Rebox”:


CIRCULÉIRE is a public-private partnership co-created by Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) and three strategic partners: the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and EIT Climate-KIC. Together with industry partners CIRCULÉIRE aims to assist manufacturers and their supply chains to switch from linear to circular business models.

Read more about CIRCULÉIRE here.

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