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Author: Romain Couture

MODOS 2020 Training for a Sustainable Future – Free Taster Session 28th August 2020

MODOS is a sustainable business training programme, focusing on the circular economy, tailored to micro, small and medium size enterprises. MODOS is a joint initiative between Dublin City Council and the Waste Management Plan Lead Authority (WMPLA). MODOS 2020 training sessions will take place online during September and October. There is…
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Circular Change 5th Annual Conference 2020: Mainstreaming the circular economy mindset

Circular Change is the Slovenian network for the circular economy, their annual conference is one of the key European meeting points of circular economy changemakers. This year’s 5th edition has been transformed into a “roadshow” that consists of 5 events based on 5 partnerships from June until the end of…
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