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Below is a list of upcoming circular economy events


EU FashionMatch Amsterdam 11.0 @Modefabriek

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is a matchmaking workshop bringing together buyers, companies/designers, suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, experts, and investors from a wide range of countries worldwide. Building on “nearshoring,” an emerging trend by which fashion companies can produce geographically closer to their homes to save up costs and adapt…
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Webinar: EIB Launch the Circular City Centre (C3) Webinar Series

In this series of webinars, representatives of the European Investment Bank (EIB) will showcase the newly launched Circular City Centre (C3). This EIB and EU Commission initiative aims to support EU cities in their circular economy transition by sharing resources and practical information and raising awareness about relevant advisory and…
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WCEF Webinar: Circular Business Models by CIED (Germany Circular Economy Initiative)

Bringing together key stakeholders from German industry, science and civil society, the CEID working group “Circular Business Models” developed a scientifically based practical manual for the successful implementation of circular business practices. Starting with a mapping of business model patterns available to each actor in the value cycle, the report…
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