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Circular Design Thematic Working Group Public Webinar to be held on 27th October

Circular Design Thematic Working Group Public Webinar to be held on 27th October

Join us on 27th October, from 11am to 12.30pm, for CIRCULÉIRE’s Circular Design Public Webinar where we will discuss how Irish businesses can design new products and services that reduce waste and Greenhouse Gas emissions, keep materials in use as long as possible, and bring value to customers

The Circular Economy begins and ends with design. How we design products and services has a key role to play in Ireland’s transition to a circular economy. With support from CIRCULÉIRE, a number of Irish businesses and organisations have been exploring how they can redesign products for remanufacture, design new services keep products in use for as long as possible, design new products from previously wasted materials, extend the life of products through repair and upgrades, measure the impact of circular design and develop new programmes for circular design skills development.

The webinar will present the results and innovation opportunities identified by CIRCULÉIRE Circular Design Working Group which was run over three months in 2021, with support by Irish Manufacturing Research.

CIRCULÉIRE’s Expert Facilitator, Dr. Simon O’Rafferty, M-CO, will present on the main findings of the working group including:

  • The state of play of Ireland’s circular design context, including the main policy drivers nationally and in Europe shaping circular design in Ireland;
  • Sharing the circular innovation opportunities which were co-developed with input from CIRCULÉIRE’s cross-sectoral Thematic Working Group Panel Members, and which have the potential to advance circular design in Ireland;
  • Highlighting the major barriers that are holding back circular design in Ireland, and the recommendations about what’s needed to overcome them;

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