101 Address Avenue,Newport Beach

Day: 19 November 2021

Theme #3: CIRCULÉIRE’s Circular Economy Conference

Circular Innovation Insights From c.12:30 to 1:30pm on Wednesday, 24th November 2021, hear from CIRCULEIRE’s team and IMR’s specialists about circular innovation insights. Sophie Reynolds​, Circular Economy Technologist​, IMR, will be reflecting on “Circular Innovation Opportunities & Sectoral Best Practice” Dr Mohamed Abokersh​, Senior Circular Economy Researcher, IMR, will introduce…
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Theme #2: CIRCULÉIRE’s Circular Economy Conference

Industry Perspectives From c.11am to c.12:30pm as part of CIRCULEIRE’ “Accelerating the transition to a Circular Economy” Conference on Wednesday 24th November 2021 hear from CIRCULEIRE’s Network Industry Members as they reflect on the circular drivers, barriers, and opportunities they are encountering in the pharmaceutical, food, and consumer electronics sectors…
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